Private Dental Center STOMADENT
Podchorążych Str. 1, 69-100 Słubice
phone: +48 95 758 3858
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Private Dental Center STOMADENT

We invite you to visit a Stomadent Private Dental Center. We offer a wide range of services: professional prophylaxis and diagnostics, conservative treatment, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, surgery, prosthetics, implantology, orthodontics.

We provide treatments in facial cosmetics. Dentists who work at Stomadent are not only specialists, but also cordial people who treat each patient individually. We provide a complex solution to each patient's problem. We want our patients to leave our center with a smile and we have reasonable grounds for believing that this is happening. Professional and friendly service are the goal that we realize every day.

Wioletta JabłońskaDorota Mikołajczyk
German health insurance:
We cooperate with the German health insurance. At the request of the patient prepare HKP (Heil-und Kostenplan).